About the Suffolk County Office of the Medical Examiner



The Office of the Suffolk County Medical Examiner Department is an 85,000 square foot facility physically located in Hauppauge in the North County Complex off of Veterans Memorial Highway. The Division is comprised of the Medical Forensic, Toxicology, and Crime Laboratory Sections. The Public and Environmental Health Laboratory is housed in the same facility, but under the administration of the Division of Environmental Quality.

The Medical Forensic Section investigates about 4500 deaths per year and performs about 900 autopsies per year. The Forensic Medical Investigators are all Registered Physician Assistants, and the Pathologists are fulltime Medical Examiners.

Michael Lehrer, Ph.D, directs the Toxicology Section. This state-of-the-art laboratory performs analysis in all three areas of forensic toxicology: post-mortem, human performance, and forensic drug testing. Specimens are analyzed for law enforcement agencies, Drug Court, DWI Program, drug facilitated sexual assault, the Probation department, and the Methadone Maintenance Program.

The Crime Laboratory is under the direction of Robert Genna. This is a state-of-the-art laboratory that has Serology/DNA, Firearms, Arson, Trace Evidence, and other laboratories to analyze evidence submitted by law enforcement agencies.

SECTION I. Legal Authority and Program Description

The Department of the Office of the Medical Examiner is comprised of three sections: Medical Forensics, Crime Laboratory and Toxicology Laboratory. The Department is created and regulated primarily by Suffolk County Charter Chapter C. Article XXXII, Section C32-1, and Chapter A. Administrative Code Section C32-1.