Health Services

Bureau of Public Health Protection


The Suffolk County Department of Health Services is required to operate programs that protect the public from adulterated food, unhealthy living conditions and health nuisances. The department is also responsible for enforcing the Suffolk County Sanitary Code and the Local Laws of Suffolk County. All of the above are the responsibility of the Bureau of Public Health Protection which is comprised of five units: Food Protection, General Sanitation, Radiation Control, Temporary Residences, and Training & Plan Review.


The Bureau of Public Health Protection covers a wide range of services. Click on a subject link below to find frequently asked questions about a specific service.

Food Protection   Food Protection (Article 13, Food Permits, Food Safety Training, Food Manager Course, Restaurant Inspection Database)
Temporary Residences   Temporary Residences (Hotels/Motels/Cottages, Migrant Farmworker Housing, Mobile Home Park, Children Camps / Campgrounds)
General Sanitation   General Sanitation (Garbage Storage, Sewage Overflow, Animal Manure, Vermin Infestation, Inadequate Heat / Utilities)
Body Art Establishments   Body Art Establishments (Article 14 , Certification, Course Schedule)
Petting Zoos   Petting Zoos (Article 17, Permits, Bites, Zoonotic Disease)
Radiation Control   Radiation Control (X-Ray Equipment, Exposure, Release of Materials, Sampling, Transportation)
Enforcement   Enforcement (Formal Hearings, Stipulations, Fines)
Children's Camps and Campgrounds   Children's Camps and Campgrounds (Inspections, State Resources)