Health Services

Health Education

The mission of the Office of Health education is to educate and empower residents to adopt healthy lifestyles in an effort to increase lifespan and quality of life.

The majority of programming is conducted in schools.  Clearly, the greatest benefit from prevention and education programs is reaped when children make choices in favor of healthy living.  The office works with school districts to implement comprehensive health education programs.  Curriculum and teacher training is available to public and private schools at no cost.  The lessons address behaviors that lead to morbidity and mortality in the young including poor nutrition, lack of physical activity, intentional and unintentional injuries, tobacco use, alcohol and other drug use and healthy body image.  Additional programming trains teens to teach fellow students in many health topics including bullying prevention and sun safety.

Staff works with other agencies to design programming and provide education in Suffolk County communities in an effort to prevent disease, disability and premature death.  In particular, we are working to reduce behaviors that lead to cancer and diabetes and contribute to the growing obesity problem.

The office is a resource for schools, worksites and community groups, for the latest health education information.

Improving health behaviors is beneficial at every age.  Staff works on many initiatives to improve the health and safety of our residents.

Visit our Smoking Cessation pages for information and help on kicking the habit.