Health Services

Inspections and Enforcement

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The Department of Health Services conducts inspections in order to ensure the preservation and improvement of the public health. The powers given to the Department of Health Services to conduct inspections and to carry out enforcement activities are stated in New York State Public Health Law and are outlined in the Suffolk County Sanitary Code.

The department inspects and/or carries out enforcement activities for the following types of establishments and facilities:

List of Establishments and Facilities:

Public and private water systems

Municipal or communal sewage systems

Fuel storage facilities and facilities storing toxic or hazardous materials

Food service establishments (Including but not limited to, a restaurant; satellite or catered feeding location; catering operation)

Body Art Establishments

Users of x-radiation producing equipment

Bathing beaches & Recreational Facilities (Permitted swimming pools, wading pools or spa pools)

Petting Zoos (May include, but not be limited to: animal rides, carnival animal exhibits, circuses, fairs, performing animal exhibitions, pet shops, petting zoos, photo opportunities, shows and zoos.)

Tobacco vendors (Enforcement)

Sewage Discharge Reporting (Enforcement)

General nuisance complaints (Including but not limited to garbage storage, sewage overflow, animal manure, stagnant swimming pools, rat infestation, inadequate heat, the discontinuance of utilities and alleged animal bites for the purpose of rabies prevention).

Enforcement procedures and penalties can be found in Article 2 of the Suffolk County Sanitary Code.