Health Services

Instructions for Requesting Private Well Water Analysis

The Department of Health Services provides sampling and analytical services for testing drinking water supplies in Suffolk County.Your drinking water can be analyzed for microbiological quality, inorganic chemical content, volatile organic compounds, petroleum products and certain pesticides.The fee schedule established for private well testing is itemized below:  

  1. $100.00 is the fee for sample collection and water quality analysis for any existing private well, which has previously been approved by the Department, or serves a residence with a valid Certificate of Occupancy. By act of the County Legislature, households with a cumulative family income of less than $25,000 can be exempted from the fee, provided they sign and have notarized a Request for Exemption form. The results of the analysis and a cover letter containing our recommendations will be sent for each well tested. 
  2. $350.00 is the fee for sample collection and water quality analysis for any private well which serves new construction, or which has not received final approval from the Department, or for which a valid Certificate of Occupancy has not been obtained  
  3. No fee is charged if the request is to test only for the potato pesticide aldicarb (Temik) in agricultural areas where Temik was used.However, the Department recommends that all private wells have a periodic comprehensive analysis to determine the safety of your drinking water.

If you wish to have your well analyzed, carefully complete the form Request for Private Well Water Analysis, including your tax map location. Please sign the form and return it to the address indicated on the form with either:

  1. Your check made out in the appropriate amount ($100 or $350) to the: “Suffolk County Department of Health Services” or,
  2. For testing under Item #1 above, your signed and notarized exemption statement.

In most instances, a sample can be collected within six (6) weeks of receipt of your check. Please allow at least eight (8) weeks from the date the sample is collected to receive the results of your analysis in the mail. The record of our testing may be available to the public under the Freedom of Information Law.