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Emerging Contaminants

Emerging Contaminants

An emerging contaminant is a chemical or material that poses a potential, perceived or real threat to human health or the environment. There is typically scarce information available on how often and at what concentrations these contaminants may be present in our environment, and little is generally known about potential health risks that emerging contaminants may pose. Specific federal drinking water standards have not been established for emerging contaminants.

Given the importance and vulnerability of our sole source aquifer, coupled with historic and ongoing threats, the Suffolk County Department of Health Services aggressively conducts monitoring and management of emerging contaminants. The department is continually tailoring programs to investigate and mitigate possible sources of emerging contaminants.

In 2015, Suffolk County laid out a blueprint to address emerging issues in the Comprehensive Water Resource Management Plan. Since then, the Department of Health Services has expanded its lab capability and assisted the New York State Department of Health and the Suffolk County Water Authority in developing and approving new treatment technologies.


Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Suffolk County:

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