Health Services

Beach Monitoring Program

Bathing beaches in Suffolk County are an important and unique resource, providing abundant recreational opportunities to residents and visitors alike. The recreational and scenic value of the more than 190 beaches in the county, including those located on the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island Sound, and on various bays, harbors, and lakes, represent a vital economic asset to the county. However, while the majority of these beaches are pollution free and provide a safe and healthy recreational environment for their patrons, some are subject to influences that can adversely affect water quality and potentially expose bathers to contaminants. For the most part these influences include stormwater discharges and resident populations of waterfowl. In certain areas, effects from boats, area septic systems and limited tidal flushing, may also be factors.

In an effort to protect public health in areas that are impacted by periodic contamination, the Suffolk County Department of Health Services (SCDHS) conducts a comprehensive bathing beach water quality monitoring program from May through September. Sampling is performed by Office of Ecology staff, with analyses conducted by the Department’s state and nationally accredited Public and Environmental Health Laboratory (PEHL).

For more information on the County’s Bathing Beach Program and/or for the latest water quality status of your beach, see the links below or call the Beach Hotline at 631-852-5822.