Health Services

Media Committee


The mission of the Cancer Awareness Task Force Media Committee is to disseminate the information of the Task Force in order to increase awareness in Suffolk County residents of the actions they can take to reduce the burden of cancer in Suffolk County.

Strategy of the Media Committee

Website: The Cancer Awareness Task Force website is a key component of the Media Committee’s strategy to disseminate the information of the Task Force. Background information on the Cancer Awareness Task Force, and Committees, Smart Tips, Questions and Answers (links), and additional resources are provided and updated regularly.

Logo: The Media Committee has developed a logo, which is used to “brand” Task Force outreach materials. Incorporated in the logo are the words Educate, Empower, Act, which represent the overall goal of the Task Force.

Press Releases: The Media Committee develops press releases and public service announcements as a means to disseminate information through our media contacts and the County Press Offices.