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Diverse Population Committee

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Life expectancy and overall health have improved in recent years for a large number of Americans, due to an increased focus on preventive medicine and dynamic new advances in medical technology. However, not all Americans are benefiting equally. There are continuing disparities in the burden of illness and death experienced by African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders, American Indians/Alaska Natives, as compared to the U.S. population as a whole.


The goal of the Diverse Populations Committee is to reduce the burden of cancer in Suffolk County. The Diverse Population Committee seeks to identify and address cancer health disparities among minority and medically underserved communities in Suffolk County.

Guiding Principles

The Diverse Populations Committee wants to ensure that minority and medically underserved populations in Suffolk County are equipped with the tools and resources necessary to make uniformed decisions about their health and healthcare services they receive.

Focus Areas of Concern

  • Lack of knowledge about cancer
  • Lack of knowledge about available cancer resources and services
  • Limited understanding of different communication pathways within communities
  • Awareness of the importance of cultural sensitivity among healthcare professionals providing services to minority patients
  • Limited use of evidence-based approaches from the public health workforce
  • Access to tertiary care, once diagnosed