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Links About Cancer

Cancer Information - American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) - AICR Prevention Guidelines - Global Cancer Atlas Online - American Cancer Society on Environmental Carcinogens - American Cancer Society – Comprehensive Cancer Information – National Cancer Information – Breast Cancer and Environmental Risk Factors NYS Department of Health/Cancer. - World Health Organization on Cancer Prevention

Environmental - Environmental Working Group - Grassroots Environmental Education Collaborative On Health and the Environment National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Tips and Information on Going Green - Extensive guide on How To Go Green

Health - The Breast Cancer and Environment Research Centers - Center For Science In The Public Interest - Environment and Human Health Inc. - Harvard School of Public Health Nutrition Source - Meatless Monday Campaign - Information for Men’s Health - Non-profit scientific research organization dedicated to identifying the links between the environment and women's health, especially breast cancer Explains ways that our health can be affected by environmental contaminants and offers ideas of how to make changes around your home and in your community so we can live in a healthier world. - Offers dietary and physical activity guidelines as well as other important health information.

Tobacco - The L.I. Tobacco Action Coalition - Tobacco Control NYS quitline. Cessation and counseling services and medications - to help tenants, condo owners and landlords develop smokefree housing. Facts about Tobacco Usage – Tobacco Information, not just for kids.

Sun Safety - Long Island Based-Colette Coyne Melanoma Awareness Campaign - youth/community education - an environmental and health education program that aims to teach the public how to protect themselves from overexposure to the sun - National Awareness of Prevention and Early Detection of Melanoma - Sun Safety Information - Information about the Prevention of Skin Cancer

Kids - Children’s Environmental Health Network Children’s Health Environmental Coalition Center for Children’s Health and the Environment, Mount Sinai School of Medicine - Healthy schools network Inc.