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The Suffolk County Smart911 Registry

The Suffolk County Emergency Preparedness Registry and JEEP Program have been combined into a single database:


This new Registry gathers information from Suffolk County Residents for use during emergencies, evacuations and sheltering operations.
Smart911 is designed to provide:
  •  Valuable lifesaving information to Emergency Responders during their response to a registered address.
  • Identification of specific needs of residents requiring assistance during evacuations. 
  •  Resources required to accommodate individuals during sheltering operations. 
The first line of defense against the effects of an emergency or disaster is personal preparedness. It is important for all residents to make their own Emergency Plans and provide for their own care and safety in an emergency. The Smart911 program provides residents with the ability to enhance the response of Emergency Responders, while assisting Suffolk County to better prepare for the community’s needs during an evacuation or disaster situation. 

The information that you provide in your safety profile will also be used to identify the resources necessary to accommodate vulnerable individuals and their caregivers. 

Who Should Register?

Simply put…Everyone should have a safety profile.  You should definitely register if you foresee any difficulty in getting to safety with family or friends, or to a Public Shelter during an Emergency Evacuation.  If you are unable to register yourself, someone may register you on your behalf.

How Can I Register?

If you are reading this on our Webpage, click on the green Smart911 icon or go to the County Website address:, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Smart911 icon.

If you are unable to register through the Website or don’t have someone that can help you with the process, you may register by calling the Office of Emergency Management at 631-852-4900 during regular business hours - 8 AM - 4 PM, Monday through Friday.

Smart911 Registry Smart911 Registry