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Prevent WIldfire Arson

Picture of fire damaged trees

Each year for National Arson Awareness Week, the U.S. Fire Administration gathers and shares information to raise awareness of arson or youth firesetting and provide individuals with strategies to combat these problems in their community.

What is wildfire arson?

Arson is the willful, malicious, intentional and/or reckless burning of your property or someone else’s. Wildfire arson takes place on underdeveloped wildland or uncultivated land comprised of forest, brush or grassland.

Not all wildland is comprised of forests. In many places, the wildland is grassy plains resulting in the evolution of the term “forest fire” to the more accurate “wildfire.”

Even Smokey Bear adjusted, changing his catch phrase from “Remember … only YOU can prevent forest fires” to “Only YOU can prevent wildfires.”

Show your commitment to wildfire prevention!

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