Assitive Technology Advocacy Project

What Is Assistive Technology (AT)?
It is any device or piece of equipment used to maintain or improve a person with a disability's functional capabilities. AT should be interpreted broadly to include:

Mobility Devices
motorized or custom made wheelchairs

Vehicle Modifications
wheelchair lifts, hand controls

Computer Equipment and Adaptations
Braille printers, voice output, touchscreens

Assistive Listening Devices
hearing aids. personal FM units

Home Modifications
ramps, lifts, stair glides

Work Site Modifications
office equipment, environmental control devices

Classroom Modifications
adaptive seating

The AT Advocacy Project Provides A Range of Services
Representation of individual clients where case outcome may have a significant impact beyond one individual
Bank of attorneys for client referrals
Statewide clearinghouse for information, regulations and resources needed to advocate for AT
A bank of pleadings, briefs, court papers
Technical assistance to callers statewide ranging from brief advice to extensive consultation on how best to present a case at a hearing or court appeal
Publisher of the newsletter titled IMPACT to "get out the word" on AT
How You Can Help The AT Advocacy Project
Tell others about us
Get on the IMPACT mailing list
Collect IMPACT issues for future reference
Tell us about changes in law, regulation or policy which affects AT funding
If you are an attorney - Agree to accept referrals in your area of the state
Send us your hearing decisions, court decisions, pleadings, briefs and other relevant documents
Impact is a newsletter designed as a curriculum on AT advocacy. Bi-monthly issues describe criteria of key funding sources:


VESID & the Commission for the Blind

Physically Handicapped Children's Program

SSI's Plan for Achieving Self Support (PASS)

Private Insurance

Veteran's Administration Benefits

Special Education

Charities & other Funding Sources

To get on the IMPACT mailing list send your name, address and phone number to:

ATTN: Marge Gustas
AT Advocacy Project
Neighborhood Legal Services, Inc.
295 Main Street Room 495
Buffalo NY 14203

TEL: (716) 847-0650 FAX: (716) 847-0227 TDD: (716) 847-1322

Supported by:
NYS Office of Advocate for Persons with Disabililies TRAID Project, a project funded by The National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research U.S. Department of Education