Language Access for Individuals with Limited English Proficiency

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What is Language Access?

On November 14, 2012, Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone signed Executive Order 10-2012, which directs executive county agencies that provide direct public services to offer language assistance services (translation and interpretation) to people of Limited English Proficiency (LEP).

Each agency provides interpretation services between the agency and an individual in his or her primary language with respect to the provision of services or benefits.

Each agency also provides translation services in the six most common non-English languages spoken by LEP individuals in Suffolk County, based on the United States census data and relevant to services offered by each of such agencies. At the moment, Italian, Polish, Spanish, traditional Chinese, Portuguese, and Haitian-Creole are the top six languages. Some agencies may also choose to add additional languages based on their experience and other federal requirements.

Language Access Plans of Suffolk County Agencies

LEP individuals are identified in a Language Access Plan developed by each agency. Below are language access plans for all county agencies that provide direct services to the public. The plans are effective November 14, 2013. Agencies will update their plans every two years.


The agencies with language access plans are listed below:

Department of Aging

Department of Economic Development And Planning

Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services

Department Of Health

Suffolk County Human Rights Commission

Department of Labor, Licensing and Consumer Affairs

Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation

Office For People With Disabilities

Suffolk County Police Department

Probation Department

Department of Social Services

Suffolk County Soil and Water Conservation District

Youth Bureau / Office of Minority Affairs / Office of Women Services / Constituate Services

Access to Services in Your Language Complaint Form

Complaint Form - ENGLISH

Complaint Form - SPANISH

Complaint Form - CHINESE

Complaint Form - ITALIAN

Complaint Form - PORTUGUESE

Complaint Form - POLISH

Complaint Form - HAITIAN CREOLE