Asian-American Advisory Board


The Asian-American Advisory Board is hereby created to discuss issues of importance and relevance to the Asian -American community and to make recommendations regarding proposed legislation to the Suffolk County Legislature in connection with the following:
  • Bring to the attention of the County Executive those issues that impact upon the Asian-American Community in Suffolk County
  • Seek community imput on relevant issues that impact their communities
  • To advocate on behalf of the emerging Asian-American Community in Suffolk County
  • To encourage civic participation at all levels by members of the Asian-American community
  • To promote Asian-American business development and to provide information necessary for Asian-American businesses to enable them to have equal access and opportunity to contracting and procurement in Suffolk County
  • To improve communications and cultural understanding between the Asian-American community, Suffolk County Government, and Suffolk County residents
  • Address pertinent issues, some of which include:
                        Smal Business development/economic development

All through educational programs, conferences, committees, projects, and programs without participating in or endorsing political organzations or candidates for public office.

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