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Torrens Registered Property

As of January 1, 2000, the New York State Legislature has abolished the Land Title Registration Law, also known as Torrens. Please refer to theCounty Clerk's Recording pagefor information.

Certain property in Suffolk County is covered by the Land Registration Act. If you have a Certificate of Title, instead of a deed, you must follow special filing procedures. For information, please call the Registrar at (631) 852-2000.

As a result of the Legislation abolishing the Torrens System, ONLY liens of an adverse nature will be accepted for filing in the Registrar's Office until December 31, 1999.

Searches of Torrens Records will also be available until December 31, 1999 for a $15.00 fee.

All voluntary instruments submitted for recording with the Suffolk County Registrar are subject to County Clerk fees. Please refer to theCounty Clerk's Recording pagefor appropriate fees.

"Torrens" is a system of land registration. The Torrens system was enacted into law in 1908 and is currently embodied in Article 12, Sections 370 through 435 of the New York State Real Property Law. Under this registration system, a court issues a Certificate of Title to the applicant after the proper application process has been executed. This Certificate of Title is conclusive as to the applicant's interest in the land.

R.P.L. Section 372 confers upon the Suffolk County Clerk the authority to act as Registrar of Titles and to collect appropriate fees.

Registered Land" means real property and interests in real property, which have been registered under the Torrens System.

"Adversed Instrument" means any document, instrument or paper that adversely affects, but does not convey, the fee title to registered land, and the validity of which is not dependent upon consent by an owner of the registered land or some person claiming by, through or, under that owner.