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Mortgage Fee Schedule

The Record & Return To box (number 6) on the Suffolk County Recording and Endorsement Form must be properly completed for the timely return of your recorded mortgage. NOTE: Must be printed on legal size (8 1/2 x 14) paper.

 $    5.00  PER SIDE
 $  20.00  HANDLING
 $    5.00  TAX EXEMPTION AFFIDAVIT if applicable
 $200.00 per  tax lot  REAL PROPERTY VERIFICATION FEE 
 $300.00 per document    MORTGAGE VERIFICATION FEE effective January 1, 2017


Mortgage Verification Fee of $300.00 per document effective January 1, 2017, this fee will apply to all mortgage related documents.

Mortgage Tax is computed by a formula based on 1.05% of the amount of the mortgage. If mortgage amount is less than $10,000.00, mortgage tax is figured at three-quarters percent. A $30.00 exemption applies if a mortgage qualifies for and contains the following statement: "The premises is or will be improved by a 1 or 2 family dwelling only."

Cash or certified check payable to the Suffolk County Clerk is required for payment of taxes.

A mortgage, or portion thereof, that is illegible or not suited for imaging/filming will be rejected.

The entire document should be in black print and ink. Blue or other color ink is unacceptable.

Recording fees may be paid by check, cash or money order.    

To purchase certified copies see Certified Copy Fee Schedule.

To obtain the Tax Map Identification Number contact the Town Assessor in which the property is located.

Rev. 11/22/2016