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How to File a Subdivision Map


The New York Real Property Law sets the parameters regarding the filing of subdivision maps. In order to ensure compliance with the legal parameters set by New York State, the Suffolk County Clerk's Office has compiled the following checklist:

[ ] Original map must be approved by Map Department. If map was previously examined and rejected, it must be re-approved.
__Map name approved
__Approved for legibility
[ ] Health Department stamp (dated within one year). Total number of lots approved by Health Department must agree with number of lots shown on map (can be less, cannot be more) and map name on Health Department approval must match map name. Health Department date is good for one{1) year.
Dated: ______
[ ] Town or Village Planning Board approval (signature and date within 62 days). Dated: ______
[ ] Surveyors notation (signature, license number, and date)
[ ] Key map (must be one inch equals 600 feet)
[ ] Lots and blocks depicted on the map must run in order
[ ] Concrete monuments "set" or compliance bond received/accepted by Town/Village Planning Dept.
[ ] Tie line to existing street (on same side of street)
[ ] All adjacent property identified
[ ] Owners name on map and map abstract must match exactly
[ ] Size of  map must be either 18" x 20" or 20" x 36".
[ ] Original abstract -20 year chain of title. Cannot begin with a tax deed or an estate. If either condition exists,must go back 20 years prior.
[ ] All taxes paid in full to date, both halves of current year. Town and/or Village
[ ] Abstract must be signed by the title company officer to date
[ ] Check all copies of map for signature and stamps plus dates
[ ] Check description in abstract against map being filed
[ ] View property on Real Property Tax map for filed map. If tax map shows previously filed map, abandonment must be filed prior to acceptance of new map
Certificate#                        and Filed Date                 if already filed
[ ] When out parcel(s) are shown with lot # from previously filed map, surveyor must identify which subdivision map they are located in
[ ]  Receipt from Real Property after map is reviewed and approved for filing.
Filing Fee is $10.00 and $10.00 for each additional page/sheet, $5.00 per Certification (optional),
$5.00 for each conformed copy (optional)

For Mylar/Copy requirements clickhere.