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How to File a Condominium Map


[ ] Original Map and Map Name to be approved by Suffolk County Clerk’s Micrographics Department
[ ] All signatures on maps and documents to be filed/recorded must be in black ink
[ ] Need Tax Map designations (Assessor's approval confirms the verification of these numbers)
[ ] Real Property Stamp (Page 1 on site plan)

Town Assessor (Village Assessor, if required)

[ ] Original Signature
[ ] Date of Approval must be on the map. Assessors' approval confirms the verification of
the Tax Map designations; in addition, in order to comply with section 339p of the Real
Property Law, maps should have Unit Designations by the Local Tax Authority

Site Plan must be made by a Licensed Surveyor (NYS) giving

[ ] Original Signature
[ ] License Number
[ ] Date Survey was made (Unit Designation plan by surveyor)

Floor Plans must be prepared by a Registered Architect or Professional Engineer and accompanied by:

[ ] Verified Signed Statement

Floor Plans Must show

[ ] Layout
[ ] Locations
[ ] Approximate Dimensions of Units
[ ] Present Declarations with Map so Description can be checked as well as contents set forth in Section 339n of the Real Property Law. Declaration shall contain reference to the File Number of floor plans
[ ] Declaration should be recorded in the County Clerk's Recording Office immediately following Condominium Map/Floor Plan Filing (339p)
[ ] Fee for Condominium Filing is $10.00 per page. (i.e. Site Plan plus one page of floor plans would be $20.00)
[ ] Receipt from Real Property is required
[ ] For Mylar/Copy requirements click here

Real Property Law 339n Section

Contents of Declaration

1. A statement of intention to submit the property of the provisions of this article
2. Description of the land on which the building and improvements are or are to be located
3. Description of the building, stating the numbers of stories, basements and cellars, the number of Units and the principal materials of which it is or is to be constructed.
4. Description of the common elements and a statement of the common interest of each unit owner
5. Description of the common elements and a statement of the common interest of each unit owner
6. Statement of the uses for which the building and each of the units are intended
7. The name of a person to receive service of process in the cases hereinafter provided, together with the residence or place of business of such person which shall be within the city, town or village and the county in which the building is located.
8. Any further details in connection with the property which the person or persons executing the declaration may deem desirable to set forth.
9. The method by which the declaration may be amended, consistent with the provision of this article.