Suffolk County Clerk Departments & Services

Judgments, Liens and UCC's

The Judgment and Lien Department dockets Judgments, Mechanics Liens, Miscellaneous Liens and Satisfaction pieces. This Department also processes Federal Tax Liens and Releases of Federal Tax Liens. The preparation and processing of Executions, Transcripts and Certificates of Disposition is also the responsibility of the Judgment and Lien Department.

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The Uniform Commercial Code Department (UCC) is responsible for filing and maintaining records in compliance with Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code.

Commonly Used Forms

For your convenience and at no cost, Satisfaction of Judgment and Partial Satisfaction of Judgment forms are available online. You may also access UCC Forms on the NYS website.

The following list of forms are available for purchase from private publishing companies and at most legal stationery stores or on the internet. The County Clerk’s Office does not provide these legal forms.

X120 All County Execution Form (dated 6/12 only)
T439 Income Execution Form (dated 4/18 only)
A365 Mechanic Lien Form
T231 dated 11/98 Satisfaction of Mechanic Lien
T67 Extension of Mechanic Lien (Commercial Property Only)

Federal Tax Liens

Any questions regarding Federal Tax Liens placed by the IRS should be directed to the IRS at 1-800-913-6050.

Filing A Transcript Of Judgment

To file a transcript once you are awarded a judgment from a District or Justice Court in Suffolk County, you must obtain the original transcript from the court that awarded the judgment and file it with the County Clerk’s Office for a fee of $10.00.

Obtaining A Property Execution

Once your transcript of judgment is filed with the County Clerk, you may request a property execution (Form #199) from our office for the Sheriff to attempt collection of your judgment. The County Clerk’s fee is $5.00 to issue the Form 199. Please contact the Sheriff at 852-5600 for their instructions and fees.

Garnishing A Debtor’s Wages

If you are attempting to garnish the salary of a judgment debtor, you must obtain an Income Execution Form (Form T439 dated 4/18 only) from a legal stationery store or the internet. The form must be filled out and presented to the County Clerk to be endorsed. The County Clerk’s fee is $5.00. Please contact the Sheriff.

Obtaining Proof Of Satisfaction

If you need proof of a Satisfaction of Judgment for a credit reporting agency or to proceed with a real estate closing, access the Judgment Retrieval System to determine if the judgment is satisfied. If you verify the judgment is satisfied on the web, you can request a Certificate of Disposition from the County Clerk’s Office for a fee of $5.00 (check or money order only). Mail requests Att: Judgment Dept.

All requests should include the name the judgment is against, the amount, creditor and filing date. Once you obtain the Certificate of Disposition from our office, you should keep the original and mail copies to the credit bureau, or, give a copy to the lender if they need it for a mortgage closing.

Discharging Judgments Through Bankruptcy

If judgments were discharged through a U.S. Bankruptcy Court, you must obtain a Certified Copy of a Bankruptcy Court order directing the Suffolk County Clerk to discharge the judgments. This order gets filed with the County Clerk. The specifics of each judgment being discharged (e.g. Amount, Creditor, Index #) must be included in the order and the order must direct the County Clerk to discharge the judgments. If the order does not specifically direct the County Clerk to discharge the judgments, it cannot be accepted by this office. If you have judgments in more than one county, you will need a separate order for each county. We cannot accept the Discharge of Debtor paper from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Only the Certified Copy of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court order can be accepted. You must request this from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, it is not issued automatically when you file for Bankruptcy. Once the order is filed, you can obtain a Certificate of Disposition for each judgment discharged to use for credit reporting purposes. The U.S. Bankruptcy Court can be accessed at U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

Red Light Camera Tickets

Payments for the Red Light Camera Tickets should be mailed to:


P.O. BOX 1730

DENVER CO 80201-1730

Checks should be made payable to: SUFFOLK COUNTY TREASURER write Reference Index/Ticket Number on check.

DO NOT Send Payment to the 1ST DISTRICT COURT!

Pay by Phone at 1-866-637-0008.

Contacting Credit Agencies

If you need to contact a credit reporting agency about a judgment listed on your credit report, they may be contacted at the addresses below:

Equifax Experian (formerly TRW) Trans Union Corp.
PO Box 740241 PO Box 2104 PO Box 390
Atlanta, GA 30374 Allen, TX 75013

Springfield, PA 19064