Suffolk County Clerk Departments & Services

Policies and Procedures

Rules for Researchers:

  1. Absolutely no food or drink allowed.

  2. All researchers to sign-in at the Reference Desk and present picture ID.

  3. Handbags, briefcases, laptop cases, etc. to remain at the Reference Desk.

  4. Only pencil to be used for taking notes.

  5. Photocopying to be done only within the library, at staff discretion, fragile items will be photocopied only by staff members.

  6. Materials do not leave the library.

Telephone/E-Mail/Mail Research Requests:

  1. Include following contact information: Name, address, phone, email.

  2. When requesting copies returned to you, please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

  3. Provide as much relevant information as possible about your research subject, such as dates, full names, addresses, tax map information.