Suffolk County Clerk Departments & Services

Document Record Group

Collection: Office of the Suffolk County Clerk

Record Groups:

  1. Naturalizations

The Suffolk County Naturalization Collection includes records from 1853 through 1990, when the Federal government assumed responsibility for Naturalization records. These records include Declarations of Intention and Naturalization Petitions. The older records are arranged according to the locations where they were files. Most recent records are all in the "Suffolk" group. The Record Group is divided into five series that are listed below:

  1. Huntington
    1) Declarations of Intention
    2) Petitions

  2. Patchogue
    1) Declarations of Intention
    2) Petitions

  3. Riverhead Declarations of Intention

  4. Suffolk

  5. Camp Upton

  1. Suffolk Court Actions

The Court Actions records group begins in 1758 and continues through c. 1900. The types of documents found in this group vary from bench warrants and satisfactions of judgments, to complaints of assault and the record of fines imposed on the assailants. Both civil and criminal case records can be found in this group.

  1. Vessel Liens

These documents are records of liens against both commercial and pleasure craft dating from 1875 though 1968. Documents with earlier dates often include a Bill of Sale listing the items sold to the ship owner or builder. The merchants range from sail makers to lumber mills. This collection provides an overview of the history and evolution of the shipping, fishing and shipbuilding industries in Suffolk County.

  1. Records or Certificates of Conviction

Processing incomplete

  1. Coroners Inquests

These contain witness statements regarding the circumstance of a death or discovery of a body. Sometimes, as in the case where a body washed up on the beach, the identity of the corpse was unknown. Other inquests were held when the death occurred without a doctor in attendance.

  1. Oaths of Office

Registers contain the list of each appointed or elected official who was sworn in by the County Clerk. These registers go back as early as the 1700's and include County Clerks, Sheriffs, Deputies, District Attorneys and more. Each page lists the name of the person being sworn in, the office they held and the date on which they took the oath of office.

  1. Deeds

The deeds recorded in the Office of the Suffolk County Clerk date from the mid-to-late 1600's. Some of the earlier deeds are transcriptions of wills. There are a few deeds from Native Americans and many recorded before the American Revolutionary war.

  1. Mortgages

Recorded mortgages are also in volumes dating from 1755. Early mortgages were often individuals, rather than financial institutions. The earliest volume is Mortgage Liber A.

  1. Almshouse

The Record Group contains registers and ledgers for the Suffolk County Almshouse. The various volumes record Commitments, Death, and Expenses for the Almshouse which opened in 1870. Ground was broken for a new building to house the Suffolk County Home and Infirmary, in March of 1937.

  1. Orphanage

This Record Group contains registers and ledgers for the Suffolk County Orphanage. The various volumes record Commitments, Invoices and Accounts for the Orphanage.

  1. County Jail

The Records in the Group date from c. 1932 through c. 1975. Included are: Commitments; Visitor Logs; Warden Log Books; and Discharges.

  1. Marriage

Although County Clerks in New York State do not maintain marriage records, which are the purview of Town and Village Clerks, there is a limited number of copies of Marriage Certificates among the historical documents. These date from c. 1926 through c. 1936. There are also a series of Marriage registers and the index volumes to them that date c. 1909 through c. 1929. This Record Group is unprocessed and no Finding Aid exists as yet.

  1. Index of Clerk's Minutes

This is a Record Group of bound volumes containing an index of actions commenced in the County courts. The Minutes begin in 1724 in pre-Revolutionary Suffolk County. The indexes are alphabetical by the last name of the Plaintiff in the action.

  1. Lis Pendens

Records in this group are legal documents filed with the County Clerk to give notice of a pending action in the courts. Many of these, are to do with real property, since frequently actions commenced deal with the rights to property. These records include both index volumes and original documents.

  1. Board of Inspectors of Elections

The series consists of the records of elections held in Suffolk County, New York from 1803 to 1898. In addition to the annual General Elections, held in November, there are occasional special elections or referenda. The election results, when available, are divided into three parts:

1. Results from the several election districts of each town.

2. Cumulative tabular results countywide, showing total votes cast and a breakdown by candidate.

3. Certification of the election results.