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Department of Education Department of Agriculture
 Department of Environmental Conservation Department of Commerce
Department of Labor Department of Education
 Department of Lottery  Department of Health and Human Service
 Department of Motor Vehicles Department of Housing and Urban Development
 Department of Taxation and Finance Department of Justice
 Department of State Department of Treasury
Office of Aging Immigration and Naturalization Service
Office of the Attorney General Office of Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts
Office of the Board of Elections Office of the Federal Judicial Center
Office of the Board of Regents Office of the Federal Communications Commission
Office of the Consumer Protection Board Office of the Federal Election Commission
Office of Empire State Development Office of the Library of Congress
Office of Energy Research and Development Authority Office of the National Archives and Records Administration
Office of the Governor Office of Small Business Administration
Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation  Office of the Social Security Administration
Property Taxes and Assessments Office of the U.S. House of Representative
Office of The State Comptroller Office of the U.S. Supreme Court Decisions
Governor's Office of Regulatory Reform Office of the White House
Office of Information Technology US Passports
Office of Division of Minority and Women's Business  Development 
Office of Higher Education Services Corporation
Office of the New York Power Authority
Office of Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Office of the Public Service Commission
Office of the Senate
Office of the State Assembly
Office of the State Police
Office of the State University of New York
Office of the Thruway Authority
Office of the Unified Court System
Office of Worker's Compensation Board