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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I obtain a copy of my deed? 

In Person

To obtain copies of Land Records in Person: Bring a copy of your tax bill and/or the Liber and Page numbers or as much information as possible to identify the document with you.  

Payment options cash, check or money order made payable to the Suffolk County Clerk.

Please note: photo identification is required to enter the building, the Suffolk County Clerk's Office is located at 310 Center Drive, Riverhead, NY 11901, proceed to the Public Access Room.  

By Mail

To obtain copies of Land Records by Mail: Please provide a written request include as much information as possible to identify the document requested. Include the owner’s names, the property address, and the approximate recorded date, a copy of your tax bill or the Liber and Page numbers.  

Choose from the following payment options: 

  • For Mortgage documents, leave the amount blank and in the memo section write not to exceed $40.00 per mortgage document.
  • For Mortgage Satisfaction and Deed documents leave the amount blank and in the memo section write not to exceed $10.00 per Mortgage Satisfaction or Deed document requested. 

The total amount will be filled in on your check and a receipt will be returned to you with your order.

 All requests must be accompanied by a check or money order made payable to the Suffolk County Clerk, mail request and payment to:

Suffolk County Clerk’s Office

310 Center Drive

Riverhead, NY 11901

ATTN: Public Access 

In order to expedite your mail request, please include a contact name, telephone number or an email address.   

What are Court Minutes?

Court Minutes is a listing of various documents filed under a unique index number. These documents are received from attorneys, parties, courts, and process servers. Anyone can file a document/paper under an index number.

Minutes are public information but you cannot view the documents. If the file has been sealed by the court then a court order is necessary to see the actual papers. If it has not been sealed by the court, then the document/paper is public record. 

Has a decision been rendered on my case?

To determine if a decision has been rendered on your case you must call the court directly at 631-852-2409.   

What is the Index Number of my case?

To determine the index number, go to court minutes and type in the last name of the Plaintiff or Defendant then Search. The search will return all index numbers that match your criteria from 04/01/84 to date. Review the returned results to identify your case, the index number and the minutes. The results will list all the minutes entered for that index number.   

How do I determine the judge assigned to my case?

To determine the judge assigned to your case call the court directly at 631-852-2343. 

Is there an online site where we can obtain dates of entry/filing with County Clerk so we may serve court orders/judgments with notice of entry?

To obtain entry dates, go to the County Clerk's Website, click on 
Court Actions Index and Minutes and go to Civil Court Minutes. Upon entering your index number, the clerk's minutes will be accessed and the entry date displayed is your filing date.    

Judgments come up in the system that I know are not mine, what do I do?

Unfortunately, the County does not perform searches and does not provide written documentation stating whether someone has judgments or not. It is up to the individual to dispute any discrepancies with the credit bureaus reporting the errors. It may be difficult dealing with the credit bureaus as they are not very helpful, but we cannot verify whether a judgment against a name is against a specific person. It may be someone with the same or similar name (especially in cases of fathers and sons). All you can verify is the name on the judgment and the address for that person at the time the judgment was filed. We do not receive or provide any personal info.    

What is a tax warrant?

A tax warrant is a document filed in a county clerk's office serving as a judgment against a taxpayer.  For more information about tax warrants and New tax collection procedures, see
Publication 125, The Collection Process.   

What is a tax map number and how do I enter it on your website?

The tax map number identifies a specific piece of property. The Tax Map number is generally found on tax bills and other official documents. It is a four part number:

District= 4 digits; Section= 5 digits; Block= 4 digits and Lot= 6 digits.

Your entry on the web would be as such: 0100 01100 0100 001000.   

What is the Liber and Page number?

The Liber and Page is the unique number assigned to each document at the time it is recorded in the Suffolk County Clerk's Office.   

I have a judgment in Nassau County against a home improvement contractor who resides in Suffolk County and now I want to execute the judgment and file a property and income execution in Suffolk. How do I proceed?

The original transcript from the Nassau County Court must be filed with the Nassau County Clerk. You then obtain a Transcript from the Nassau County Clerk to file with the Suffolk County Clerk.  You must get the property execution from the Nassau County Clerk, as the judgment is originally from that county.  You can bring the property execution directly to the
Suffolk County Sheriff, 360 Yaphank Avenue – Suite-1A Yaphank, NY 11980 (631) 852-5600 to find out fees, etc.  You cannot do an income execution if the judgment debtor is a business.  If it is an individual not self-employed or working off the books, you can get an income execution (Blumberg form T439) signed and sealed by the Nassau County Clerk.  If the debtor lives in Suffolk County and works in Nassau County, you bring it to the Suffolk County Sheriff first.  If the debtor lives in Nassau County and works in Suffolk County, it goes to the Nassau County Sheriff first.  

How do I obtain proof of a Satisfaction of Judgment if needed for a credit report or for Closing?

If you verify the judgment is satisfied on the web, you can request a Certificate of Disposition from the County Clerk’s office for a fee of $5.00 (check or money order only). Requests should be sent by mail to: Suffolk County Clerk Attn: Judgment Dept. 310 Center Drive Riverhead NY 11901 All requests should include the name the judgment is against, the amount, creditor and filing date. Once you obtain the Certificate from our office, you should keep the original and mail copies to the credit bureau, or, give a copy to the lender if they need it for a mortgage closing

How do I obtain a Certificate of Residence for my child who will be attending college next semester?

You can obtain a Certificate of Residence by contacting the County Comptroller's Department of Audit & Control at 631-853-5040 or visit the Suffolk County Comptroller's

How do I get my document authenticated /certified by the County Clerk? New York State issues an Apostille (the legalization of a document for international use); the Suffolk County Clerk will authenticate /certify a document for an Apostille from New York State.

BY MAIL - If your document is a Birth, Death or Marriage Certificate and requires certification send the document(s) to the Suffolk County Clerk's Office, 310 Center Drive, Riverhead NY 11901 Attn: Court Actions. Include a check or money order for $5.00 per document made payable to the Suffolk County Clerk and a SASE self-addressed stamped envelope.

If your document needs Authentication of a Notary Public's signature, send the document(s) to the Suffolk County Clerk's Office, 310 Center Drive, Riverhead NY 11901 Attn: Notary Department. Include a check or money order for $3 per document made payable to the Suffolk County Clerk.

Processing time by mail is approximately 2-3 weeks.

IN PERSON - Bring document(s) to the Suffolk County Clerk’s department as described above your request will be processed while you wait, click here for hours and directions.

You may access additional information at the New York Secretary of State’s website at:

How and when are properties in Suffolk County Auctioned?

Suffolk County Department of Environment and Energy, Division of Real Property Acquisition and Management, will have an auction sale of Surplus Suffolk County-Owned Real Estate once a year. For further information call their Hotline at (631) 853-5908.  

Where do I find information regarding wills, estates, guardianships and adoptions?

For information concerning wills, estates, guardianships and adoptions, contact 
Suffolk County Surrogate Court at (631) 852-1725.