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RJI for NYSCEF System

The Unified Court System has developed an online RJI for the NYSCEF system. The new process will require you to enter certain additional RJI information into NYSCEF whenever you choose to file an RJI.

NYSCEF modifications will allow you to create PDFs of the RJI form and any required addendum by filling in those forms on the NYSCEF site. The RJI and addendum created by NYSCEF will conform to the statewide versions. Alternatively, you may choose to upload a scanned RJI and addendum. If the filing is being made by an attorney’s filing agent, the scanned image of the RJI and addendum will not be created by NYSCEF; instead the filing agent will be required to upload a scanned RJI as it must have the attorney’s signature. Regardless of how the RJI is filed, the additional data collection will still be required. The NYSCEF filing screens will walk you through a series of questions that we believe will simplify this new procedure.

As a result of the new online RJI, the available case types for filing in the NYSCEF system have been modified. There will be a new Case Select Screen which you will soon encounter whenever you are commencing a new action or proceeding. The case types displayed on this new Case Select Screen, to the extent that they are authorized for e-filing in a specific county, will mirror those that are on the statewide RJI form.

Some changes simply restate the existing case types to conform to how they are exhibited on the RJI form. For example, instead of “Article 75 Proceeding” the case type will now be displayed as “Special Proceedings - CPLR Article 75".

In addition to the display changes, some case type selections in some counties will be more specific. For example, an attorney filing a tort action may see various options for Tort filings, such as “Torts - Motor Vehicle”.

It is expected that these new case type changes along with the new RJI will be made available late next week. The NYSCEF Resource Center is offering a short demonstration of the new process on November 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th. You can register to attend any of the online training sessions by going to our website, and registering for training.