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Court Actions and Court Minutes

The Suffolk County Clerk also serves as the Clerk of Supreme and County Court. The Court Actions Division has been divided into two areas of expertise: Criminal and Civil.

The Criminal Court Actions Unit handles felony criminal court actions, highway takings (condemned property for purposes of new highways and other condemnations) and associated maps.

The Civil Court Actions Unit processes all civil court action commenced in Suffolk County as well as confessions of Judgment, Judgments of Foreclosure and Judgments of Divorce, Veteran's Discharges, County Appointments, Oaths of Office, Firemen's Exempt Certificates, Street Name Changes, Designation of Restricted Highways, Local Town Emergency Orders and other miscellaneous documents.

Lis Pendens and other recordables, such as name changes are also processed by this division. Requisitions, subpoena responses and requests by mail are the responsibility of the Civil Court Actions Unit.

Court Minutes

Court Minutes is a list of various court documents/papers filed under a unique index number assigned to the case by the County Clerk’s Office. These documents may be received from attorneys, involved parties, courts, process servers, etc. Anyone can file a document/paper under an index number. Minutes are public information but the physical documents are not. If the file is sealed by the court then a court order is necessary to see the actual papers. If the file isn’t sealed then the file and it’s contents are public record.

Some exceptions to this general rule are:

  • Matrimonial Actions can only be viewed by: the parties, the attorneys of record or someone with a court order.
  • Incompetency proceedings can only be viewed by the: guardian, the court examiner or someone with a court order.
  • If not sealed by the court and not one of the above exceptions then anyone can view the file but you must come to Riverhead to do that.
  • Up to a maximum of 10 files per day may be viewed.

To view Court Minutes On-Line please visit Court Actions Index and Minutes. To search by Index Number, enter the two digit year followed by the five digit index number separated by a space. For example; 04 12345.


Index Number

The unique number assigned to a court action

Plaintiff The individual who brings a legal action
Defendant The individual required to respond to a legal action or suit
Date The date the index number was purchased
Court Type C = County Court; S = Supreme Court;
N/A = the information was not completed on the application

For a listing of telephone numbers for the chambers of a Supreme Court Justice or for the Chief Clerk’s telephone number please click the link below:

Supreme Court Justice or Chief Clerk

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