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Amended Business Certificates

If there are any changes to the business after a business certificate has been filed with the County Clerk, you must file an Amended Business Certificate for Individual form if a sole proprietorship or an Amended Business Certificate for Partners form for a business conducted as partners with more than one filer. For your convenience, form completion and filing instructions are located on the Forms  page at  

An original of the Amended Business Certificate must be submitted within 30 days of the amendment.   

If the amended certificate is filed for the purpose of adding or withdrawing a partner named in the original certificate, such amended certificate must be executed by such person and by any one or more of the other persons named in the original or last amended certificate, unless otherwise provided by an order of the Supreme Court, Suffolk County.   

Any other amended certificate may be executed by any one or more of the persons named therein: as a person conducting the business, as a partner, or in the case of a corporation, by an officer of the corporation.