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Automated Telephone Land Record and Supreme Court Actions Hotline


An automated telephone property recording and Supreme Court information service to help attorneys and the general public stay abreast of their land document and Supreme Court activity.

This automated telephone service allows attorneys and other title professionals, as well as the general public, to be able to enter their tax map property identification number and/or Supreme Court Index Number into an automated system that will reveal recent activity, i.e. deed transfers, mortgages and/or court filings.


Automated telephone service is available 24/7 by dialing (631) 852-2000, Ext. 650.


Land Records

  • Retrieves the 15 most recent entries 12/1/2000 - present verified date.
  • The property’s 19 digit Tax Map Identification Number (also known as the District Section Block and Lot number) is required to use this service.
  • Enter the property’s 19 digit Tax Map Identification Number i.e., District 0501 Section 01000 Block 0300 Lot 019000.
  • Follow the automated prompts.

Note: You may contact the Town Assessor's Office in which the property is located to obtain the Tax Map Identification Number.

Court Records

  • Retrieve the 15 most recent entries 4/1/1984 - present Entry Date. Index Number is required to use this service.
  • Enter the two-digit year followed by the Index Number.
  • Follow the automated prompts.

If the index number is less than five digits, pad (add the necessary) it with zeros. Sample: Year 2007 Index Number 163 would be entered as follows: 0700163. Note: E-File cases are not accessible on the automated telephone service.

E-File Index Numbers have six digits you may use the Suffolk County Clerk’s Online Records to search at

Rev. 10/13/2017